County Administration - General Information

Vivian Seay Giles, County Administrator    Stephany S. Johnson, Deputy Clerk, FOIA Officer 

 S. Roxanne Salerno, Senior Executive Assistant  Nicci Edmondston, Assistant County Administrator

PH: (804) 492-3625, M-F 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

P.O. Box 110, 1 Courthouse Circle, Cumberland, VA  23040 


General Information

The County Administrator is appointed by the Board of Supervisors and reports directly to the Board. She is the County’s chief administrative officer, primarily supervising management of Cumberland County’s day-to-day operations. The Administrator presents an annual proposed budget to the Board of Supervisors and carries out policies adopted by the Board. Also, the Administrator keeps the Board informed of financial matters and conditions of the County and provides the Board with recommendations and various policy options for consideration.

The objective of this office is to provide a responsive level of service to all citizens of Cumberland County, and to ensure compliance with federal, state and local laws and ordinances.




Fiscal Year           Proposed Adopted
FYE06   FYE06 adopted
FYE07   FYE07 adopted
FYE08   FYE08 adopted
FYE09   FYE09 adopted
FYE10   FYE10 adopted
FYE11   FYE11 adopted
FYE12   FYE12 adopted
FYE13   FYE13 adopted
FYE14   FYE14 adopted
FYE15   FYE15 adopted
FYE16 FYE16 proposed FYE16 adopted
FYE17 FYE17 proposed FYE17 adopted
FYE18 FYE18 proposed  


Festival Applications

Individuals planning or coordinating a local festival may download the County's application for festival and fill it out for submittal to the County offices. For further infomation or clarifications, please contact the administration offices via (804-492-3625) or email.



Cumberland County Application for Employment






Recreation Director - Part-Time


Cumberland County – Recreation Director - Part-time.  Duties include, but are not limited to, planning, developing, supervising and coordinating parks, recreation, and athletic programs and volunteers; and providing public relations and information.  Possession of a VA driver’s license and high school diploma or GED required.  Qualified applicant must pass a background check and drug test prior to employment.  A complete job description and County application is available at the county administration offices (across from True Value). Submit county application and writing sample to county administration.  For more information please call 804-492-3625. 

This position is open until filled.


Cumberland County is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, marital status, creed, limited English proficiency, or handicap in its programs, activities, or employment practices as required by Title VI, Title IX, and section 504. For questions regarding alleged discrimination, contact the office of the County Administrator at 804-492-3625.














The County of Henrico is seeking to fill positions for the Cobb's Creek Regional Water Supply Reservoir project located in northern Cumberland County, Virginia.  The reservoir will be a pumped storage facility providing 14.8 billion gallons of raw water storage within a 1,107-acre normal pool area. Major project components will include a primary earth dam and reservoir, secondary earth dam, 150 mgd pump station, transmission pipeline, river intake structure, maintenance building, and boat launch.  The available positions are:


Engineer II                       - IRC84149

Construction Inspectors   - IRC84145

Environmental Inspectors – IRC84146


These positions are hourly, temporary positions with healthcare benefits for the construction of the Cobb's Creek Reservoir project which is anticipated to be completed in 2021.


For more information or to apply, go to