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Personal Property Tax

Filing Personal Property Tax Returns


Military Exemptions

Personal Property Tax Relief Act (PPTRA)

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All cities and counties in Virginia have a personal property tax.

Cumberland County taxes vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, motor homes), camping trailers, boats, boat trailers, utility trailers, recreational vehicles, mobile homes and business furniture, equipment, machinery and tools, aircraft, tractors and trailers. Effective 2007, the county vehicle license fee is included in the personal property tax bill which is due by November 15th.


PLEASE NOTE:  The following is effective 1/1/2017, but was not changed on our filing forms before they were printed.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Additional vehicles may now qualify for tax relief beginning in 2017

Due to legislative changes that took place in the 2016 session of the Virginia General Assembly, additional vehicles may now qualify for Personal Property Tax Relief (PPTR) from the Commonwealth of Virginia beginning in 2017.

The action by the General Assembly changed the registration requirements for personal use trucks with a gross weight between 7,501 and 10,000 pounds. As of January 1, 2017, for non-prorating localities like Cumberland County, these vehicles must be reclassified as pickups, require standard passenger license plates, and no longer qualify for truck license plates. This change will mostly affect owners of ¾ ton and ton pickup style trucks that are not used for business, but rather as personal vehicles.

Once you have successfully reclassified your vehicle with DMV as a pickup before January 1, 2017, it may then qualify for personal property tax relief in 2017. Contact the Cumberland County Commissioner of the Revenue office for details. The change does not apply to vehicles registered for business use. If your truck is registered for business use, no action on your part is required. You can reclassify your vehicle by calling DMV at (804) 497-7100 or by visiting your local DMV customer service center.