New Online GIS System

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping data is now available to use online. Available data includes tax map parcels, streets, addresses, aerial photos, zoning districts, waterways, schools, fire and rescue squads and several other county-wide features.

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Rural Preservation

Cumberland County’s updated Comprehensive Plan is quick to identify the protection and preservation of our rural character.

The County is working to develop several programs to protect rural character. The first to be developed is a purchase of development right (PDR) program where a landowner would sell their property’s development rights to the County who would in turn extinguish them and permanently protect the land through a conservation easement. The County adopted this program in 2007. A PDR committee made up of County residents has been established to review applications and help educate landowners about the program. 

Other land use tools include conservation subdivisions using clustering and open space (instead of a traditional subdivision where all the land is used up for lots and roads, cluster subdivision allows smaller lots, but require a percentage of the development to be in open and undeveloped land). The County adopted its first cluster subdivision provisions in late 2007. This cluster subdivision is an option in the A-2, Agricultural zoning district and requires 75% of the development to remain undeveloped. The County is also developing a cluster development option for the R-2, Residential zoning district.