Registrar's Office

Marlene Watson, Registrar     Sonya Gray, Deputy Registrar     

Office Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm    PH: (804) 492-4504    FAX: (804) 492-3571

P.O. Box 125, 1487 Anderson Highway, Cumberland, VA  23040


The Registrar’s Office processes voter registration applications, and change of address/transfer requests from DMV and other agencies.  These changes are handled in person and by mail.

We process letters and update information received from registered voters.  The Registrar’s office is responsible to forward all applications and updated information to other jurisdictions, including sending national application forms to other states if needed, along with processing all cancellations of voter registrations received from other states and from individual voters.

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for processing a prohibited voter list of felons and deaths and send voter cards to any voter upon request when a person’s registration changes.  We also keep updated records of active and deleted files to check for filing accuracy, 

Candidates are assisted with the certification process and referendum petitions are reviewed for accuracy and we also assist in training of an elected officer.   

Records in the Registrar’s office are purged when requested by the State Board.

Absentee applications and ballots are sent out to voters upon request. 

Public advertisement is expedited as needed for elections. 

Letters are mailed to officers of the elections and records are kept of all election workers and the precinct they worked in. 

The Registrar’s office serves as liaison between the State Board of Elections and the Electoral Board.  In doing so, the Registrar’s office follows each election on election night and helps to canvass the results and report the election results on a secure computer server as directed by the State Board of Elections. 

Payroll and compensation to officers of election, along with salaries and expenses are completed by the Registrar’s office. 

The Registrar’s office is also responsible to receive approval from the Department of Justice for any proposed change in polling places.

Upon request, the Registrar’s office is available for presentations, and are here to serve the public with any questions and to ensure that state guidelines are followed.