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New Online GIS System

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping data is now available to use online. Available data includes tax map parcels, streets, addresses, aerial photos, zoning districts, waterways, schools, fire and rescue squads and several other county-wide features.

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Funding and Grants

S. Roxanne Lewis Salerno, Grants

PH: (804) 492-3625, M-F 8:30 am - 4:30 pm


General Information

The Grants Administrator is responsible for identifying potential funding sources and evaluating project eligibility for requests from County Departments, Emergency Services and Public and Private non-profit County Partnerships.  Once approval for projects are received from the Board of Supervisors the Grants Administrator assures applications are compliant with content, format and attachment requirements as outlined in the Request for Proposal. 

As Grants are awarded contracts are reviewed for stipulations and special conditions and monitored for compliance with Federal, State and Local regulations.  The Grants Administrator seeks modifications or exclusions and troubleshoots compliance issues.  Tracking systems for expenditures and revenue is utilized so funds can be monitored and reports compiled for Grantor Audits, Department Heads and County Administration.

The Grants Administrator secures state and federal budget allocations and assists in the County’s annual budget as it pertains to grants for operating and capital improvement expenses to enable the use of awards as specified by contracts for carryovers and matching funds. 

In order to fulfill the mission of providing high quality service to its citizens, the County of Cumberland may seek as many sources of revenue as possible to supplement the funds provided through taxes as well as state and federal appropriations. The standard procedures for the preparation of proposals and their review ensure coordination and assist to avoid duplication in developing and making application for specially funded programs.

The Office of Grants Administrator oversees the process for seeking grant funds and accepting awards on behalf of the County of Cumberland.  Grant funds may be used to support and advance the mission of the County of Cumberland and its citizens.  The following resources are intended to assist Department Directors, Elected Officials, Court Administrators, staff and citizens in the process of developing and submitting proposals for grant funding. “Grants” are defined as awards of money or property gained through a response to a Request for Proposal or other form of funding announcement from an external funding source.

Research Tools




  • Center for Democracy and Technology ("CDT")
    An independent, non-profit public interest organization advocating user empowerment and free expression on the Internet and brings information and technologies to individuals that enable them to take control of their online experience. 
  • Centerpoint for Leaders
    Resource for nonprofit organizations and community initiatives
  • Charity Navigator
    Evaluates financial health of U.S.'s largest charities
  • Council of Foundations
    Support foundation staff, trustees and board members in their day-to-day grant-making activities.

Children, Youth and Families

Criminal Justice



  • Disability Funders Network
    Grantmakers group that promotes awareness, support and inclusion of people with disabilities and disability issues in grant making programs and organizations.







  • Hands Net
    Human services information and training services for nonprofit organizations.




Immigrants/New Entrants





OMB Circulars 








Workforce Development