Real Estate Taxes

All Real Estate property is subject to taxation unless specifically exempted. Property is assessed as of January 1 of each year with new construction being assessed upon completion and prorated for the remainder of the year. State law requires that your real estate assessment be at 100% fair market value. The last reassessment in Cumberland County was effective January 1, 2020. The 2020 live real estate values are available online. The Commissioner of the Revenue's office is responsible for real estate assessment during the years in between reassessment cycles.

The Commissioner of the Revenue is responsible for maintaining information on all taxed parcels located in Cumberland County and for generating an annual real estate land book. The land book is the basis from which real estate tax bills are generated. The Cumberland County Board of Supervisors establishes the real estate tax rate each year. Tax bills are mailed to the owner of record as of January 1. Taxes that are prorated or paid during real estate closings are handled by your attorney. If there are questions regarding these tax payments, please contact your attorney.

Deeds of Record & Assessment

Deeds of record are maintained in the Cumberland County Circuit Court. Records of all land transfers, surveys and wills are provided to the Commissioner on a daily basis. The Commissioner uses this information to update real estate records; however, the assessing date is January 1, and the owner on that date is listed on our annual real estate book. If property is purchased after January 1, the real estate book and tax bill will not reflect the new owner's name until the following year.

Tax Billing

Beginning 2005, taxpayers will be billed twice a year for their real estate tax. The total bill will be based on the values of the property as of January 1, and will be divided into two equal payments. The first half is due June 15 and the second half is due November 15.