Reassessments of Real Estate in Cumberland County are performed in accordance with Code of Virginia §58.1-3252.  Real Estate reassessment in Cumberland County has historically been done every four years.   However, according to the Code of Virginia, general reassessment must be completed at a minimum of every six years.

Cumberland County has entered into a contract with Pearson’s Appraisal Service, a mass appraisal company, for the 2024 General Reassessment.  They will begin conducting the reassessment beginning the first part of January 2023, and continuing throughout the year.  This reassessment requires all real estate in the County to be assessed at 100% of fair market value. Current sales information will be compared and reviewed throughout the reassessment process to arrive at the fair and equitable market value for all properties.  


The Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office and the Sheriff’s Office will have each appraiser’s photo and vehicle description on record for reference.  Also, each appraiser will have an identification badge in plain view, and Reassessment signs on their vehicles.


Following the property visits and data collection, a new value will be established for each property effective January 1, 2024. This value will replace the property’s current value.  Notices of this change will be mailed to every Cumberland County property owner in November 2023.  This notice will also contain information on how to appeal the value, in the event of a disagreement.  Once the real estate book is signed, the assessments are set until the next general reassessment (except for new construction, splits of parcels, zoning changes, etc.). 


Please contact the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office at (804) 492-4280 with any questions.