Virginia Income Tax

Virginia Individual Income Tax returns must be filed annually on or before May 1; however, there is no penalty for refund returns filed after the due date. Responsibilities of the Commissioner of the Revenue's Office include reviewing and processing tax returns for Cumberland County residents. Each return is reviewed for completeness, accuracy, and to ensure that each return uses the most advantageous filing status. Taxpayers are notified of any errors or omissions and allowed to correct these errors before the returns are forwarded to the Virginia Department of Taxation, which may prevent having to file an amended return later.

The Cumberland County Commissioner of the Revenue is responsible for correcting returns for errors and possibly saving individual taxpayers tax overpayments. Those savings may not have been detected had the return been filed directly with the Department of Taxation. Also, had the additional tax not been assessed by our office at the time of filing, it would have likely resulted in late penalties and interest being billed later by the State.

Questions About State Income Taxes

Cumberland County residents, who need assistance in answering specific questions regarding filing requirements or need assistance in the preparation of their return, can visit the Commissioner of the Revenue's Office, located in the Courthouse Complex Office Building, 1 Courthouse Circle, during the hours of 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, or call 804-492-4280. Please bring a copy of your Federal Income Tax return. This is a free service, and an appointment is not necessary.

Cumberland County residents may mail their state tax returns to the following address:
Julie A. Phillips, MCR
Commissioner of the Revenue
P.O. Box 77
Cumberland, VA 23040